LOVE Villas Drone & Video Shoot // Turks & Caicos Islands

When we started the company back in 2013 and started to build a roadmap for the future, these were the projects we hoped to be working on “one day”.

Our client, a developer/builder from the US, flew us down to Grand Turk Island in The Turks & Caicos to shoot his recently finished luxury villa. Before travelling down we had spent a good few months building a stylish new website for the Villa, but we needed fresh video and photo content to bring the site to life.

The scope of the project included shooting the Villa, the surrounding area, local activities and of course, beauty shots. We were able to get out on a boat and shoot humpback whales, cover a zip-line course with the drone, and visit local restaurants to show off the dining options on the island.

I’ve been down south to many of the popular locations to stay in All-Inclusive resorts, and Grand Turk Island was a completely different experience. This is a quiet island with natural sand beaches, without the hoards of people or big chain hotels. There weren’t busy beaches, or battles for beach chairs and umbrellas, there was just natural beauty and peace and quiet. I don’t mean to sound like a salesman here, but if you’re looking for a place to un-wind, add Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos to your list of options.

This was obviously an awesome project to be a part of, and our client has been great to work with. This Villa is something special and we can’t wait to get back to the Island to capture more of it!