Lobster Fishing at Whitepoint Beach Resort // Tourism Nova Scotia

What an incredibly Maritime concept this shoot and experience was! White Point Beach Resort offers their guests an incredible culinary adventure where you join fisherman to catch live lobster and have it chef prepared to eat later that night.

It was an early start, with pending troublesome weather – as it often is on these shoots. We launched out into the ocean just outside of Liverpool on a camera chase boat and had great chats with the captain. It wasn’t too much later that it started to rain and we realized the chances of launching the drone from the back of the lobster boat probably wasn’t going to happen that morning.

With quick thinking from the director, Andre, we were asked to film from the boat handheld so we at least get some shots from off boat. And it worked out well!
Later that day we travelled back to Whitepoint and luckily the weather cleared so we were able to get the drone up in the air. While we didn’t quite get the sunset we had hoped for, we still managed to compose some nice shots a bit different from the year before.

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